Why Plumbing Inspections Prior to Purchasing a Home Should Be Made Mandatory in the ACT

Time and time again, we have come across new homeowners who have been up for tens of thousands of dollars just after they have bought their new home, due to issues with the plumbing system they have inherited. This usually occurs in older homes, which on the outside might look sound, however it is usually what lays beneath that is unknown.

We’d like to believe that most people are honest and will disclose any problems that they have experienced when selling, however a lot of the time you are met by Real Estate Agents, who have a vested interest to sell the property in the shortest amount of time, and to make the most amount of money they can for their clients and themselves.  Unfortunately, when a Building Inspection Report is undertaken it does not include any of the plumbing or electrical aspects of the property and usually recommends this be undertaken separately.  As most people are aware besides building, plumbing and electrical trades are the only other licensed trades in the industry, and the reason is due to the inherent risks if things aren’t carried out correctly. If you’re serious about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, we would highly recommend you invest a relatively small amount of money upfront on your plumbing and electrical systems to alleviate any future unwanted headaches.

Over and over, time and time again, we have seen cases where the previous owners for one reason or another haven’t wanted to spend any money on their home before they sell up.  Some examples include drain systems which continue to block up and are on their last legs, or old galvanised pipes in the ground which continue to spring leaks.  If a simple drain inspection using a drain camera were undertaken or a trained eye used to look over the water system, these issues could be identified and then used as a potential bargaining tool for the buyer in the negotiation of the sale.  Would you pay top price for a car knowing all the tyres needed to be replaced, and it hadn’t had a service in a very long time?

It would be a little more complex in NSW to implement a mandatory plumbing and electrical inspection before the purchase of a home as it is up to each individual prospective vendor to obtain their own Building Inspection Report. This would make for a very costly exercise for all the buyers if they are looking at several homes that then fall through. However, in the ACT where it is the seller’s responsibility to have a Building Inspection Report undertaken prior to listing their home for sale, there is no reason why it can’t be mandatory that a complete plumbing and electrical inspection be carried out to disclose anything that is not sound, similar to that of a Building Inspection Report.

Like most things, change takes time and until this happens, our advice is that for peace of mind the next time you’re looking seriously at buying your new home, make sure you invest in getting a reputable plumber and electrician to inspect and potentially uncover any possible nasty surprises. It could make the difference between making your new purchase a dream or a nightmare.

If you would like any further advice on how we can assist you with a plumbing inspection lease do not hesitate contacting us.