Prevention IS Better Than Cure

Just like seeing your GP, Dentist and Mechanic on a regular basis, it is also wise to ensure that you proactively do the same with your home plumbing system.  Unfortunately, similar to your own body, your plumbing system wears with use and age, and like your body, your plumbing system also benefits from regular care and attention.

This is why we offer a free complimentary 5-minute ‘Quick Check’ of all your plumbing and gas fixtures, including tapware, toilets, gas appliances and hot water service, each time we come to your home.  There is no obligation to have this undertaken, however we highly recommend it for the following reasons:

  1. Diagnosis of a potential emergency before it occurs – there have been numerous occasions when we have prevented flooding in a home by simply looking a little further. Our ‘Quick Check’ has helped prevent emergencies such as finding rusted flexi hoses under vanity units which are ready to burst and flood a home. Unless it is pointed out to people by a plumber or builder, most people are unaware that the manufacturers recommend the flexi hoses be replaced every 5 years.  Unfortunately, it seems things these days aren’t made to last like they used to, which means we need to be even more vigilant.
  2. Budgeting – by identifying any potential issues ahead of time, you can better prepare financially for the future. If, for example, the ‘Quick Check’ identifies that your hot water service is on its way out you can better prepare for its future replacement. It is also a lot cheaper to have a plumber out once in a while, rather than over several visits.  Usually when one thing goes, other things are ready to go at the same time as they are quite often the same or similar age – you know the law of three? This is what we are talking about, and this is why a ‘Quick Check’ is beneficial to your hip pocket in the long run.
  3. Preparedness – generally speaking, when an emergency occurs, all people want is for the issue to be resolved as soon as possible so that they can get back on with their lives. Unfortunately, emergencies can sometimes cause us to panic and make decisions that we otherwise wouldn’t. It is good to know what options are available to you ahead of time so that you can get what you really want.  One example we see regularly is when a client’s hot water service blows up, they just want hot water then and there.  Some people have been thinking in the back of their minds about a solar or instantaneous system, however not having done their research or been informed prior to the emergency, are surprised as to the costs involved, and sometimes aren’t able to get exactly what would best suit their needs in the long term.
  4. Inconvenience – when emergencies occur, they quite often happen when we just don’t need them. By identifying potential issues ahead of time and addressing them in a proactive manner, things usually run a lot smoother and with less inconvenience.

As highlighted above ‘prevention IS better than cure’, so the next time you have a plumber come to your house ask if they can do a ‘Quick Check’.